• Dressing for New York Fashion Week

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    Historic New York S/S 18 NYFW Runway

    With New York Fashion Week only days away, we thought we'd share a few tips on dressing for the occasion...

    Going to any fashion week means you have to be prepared to have your picture taken. With all those photographers around you snapping, there is bound to be some shots of you. Now, whether or not your outfit is singled out for a photo op (let alone chosen as fashion week content,) you have to be ready. Looking the part is challenging especially in a sea of fashion enthusiasts, bloggers, celebs, designers, models, etc. 

    Rule No. 1

    Most important, stay true to your style. It's easy to get caught up in all the excitement and want to compete with those who have a completely different way of dressing. NYFW is not the time to hold back but it's also not the time to wear something you're uncomfortable in.

    Don't go experimenting with loud prints and bright colors if this is not your usual aesthetic; it will show right through. If your look is more laid back, amp it up with some trendy pieces and luxe accessories. This is an easy way to get spotted. For example, switch your dark wash skinny jeans out for some light wash frayed denim and pair it with your beloved Chanel purse. 

    Rule No. 2

    Plan ahead and make sure that you have items to suit 'all' weather conditions. Take advantage of the warm weather and show off that new dress you haven't worn yet but also, bring an umbrella. NB: Having a few jacket options and at least 3 pairs of pants never hurt. 

    Rule No.3

    It's also important to keep in mind that running from show to show all day with barely any breaks is not going to be very conducive if you exclusively wear heels. Pack a super comfy (and on trend!) pair of (faux) fur lined loafers instead. Lastly, always have band-aids on hand.Your feet will thank me. 

    In my opinion, these are the three cardinal rules when it comes to dressing for NYFW. To all the fashionistas in attendance this year, enjoy the shows and please, be yourselves. 

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  • Summer Trends Here to Stay for Fall: The Statement Maker

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    Continuing on with trends that made their mark in Summer '17 and promise to be a hit during the fall season as well...

    The Statement Maker 

    The statement maker trend refers to designs that make their message loud and clear. See the "We Should All Be Feminists" tee at Dior and Stella McCartney's animal rights advocation; “Girls Thanks, and No Fur, No Leather,” last season. Following the trend up for the fall season, Creatures of Comfort remind us that "We Are All Human Beings," a written statement reminiscent of Drake's scrawl for the "If You're Reading This It's Too Late" mixtape cover art. Then at Prabal Gurung slogan tees like, "Our Minds, Our Bodies, Our Power," were no doubt referencing the current political climate in the US. 

    Political Agenda 

    The message wasn't always political though, it could have been a simple standout graphic inspired by internet culture or one that was manipulated to riff on the official fake trend. The point is to make a bold choice whether it's a protest tee or just a loud graphic, the stand out factor has to be there.

    Go Big or Go Home

    Consider rocking the logo of your fave brand. The Historic New York Cadre en Burlina Jacquard Dress is the perfect statement for fall. The black and white design featuring the company icon sits center stage and shows everyone that you've arrived on trend. The hard to miss declaration of your undying brand love is exactly what you need if you want to avoid the hassle that comes with policy statement making. 

    Don't be afraid to try the statement making trend this fall. Make sure your voice is heard, whether it's an expression of political opinion or simply informing others of your brand devotion. 




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  • Summer Trends Here to Stay for Fall: Floral

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    Floral is one of those trends that is pretty safe to wear year-round. We saw it everywhere this summer and according to the runway, Fall 2017 is no exception! Look for "couch" florals this fall. Coming off the season of dainty florals, this print continues into fall without skipping a beat. 

    Here are some tips for keeping floral as your fall favorite:



    With cooler temperatures come more coverage, layering, and heavier fabrics. This makes for the ultimate juxtaposition when adding something lighter and softer like floral. Work the floral print into items like blazers, blouses, and trousers. You can still rock floral dresses but opt for ones that are longer and have a little more structure because yes, that cute flouncy babydoll floral dress is too summery. 


    Colour is one of the most important considerations to make when choosing fall florals. Bright colored florals are great for summer but fall vibes will come from richer shades of floral. Think forest green, burnt orange, and deep burgundy. Florals also took on a darker mood for fall, with black or dark blue backgrounds covered in the print. 


    Accessories are a great way to make those summer florals stretch into the next season, especially for dresses. Tights can be your best friend in the situation that you want to wear a floral mini, just be mindful of how opaque they are and the color. You don't want to mix a summer dress with thick black tights. Also because layering is key for fall, you can throw a cardigan over top or pair it with a denim or motorcycle jacket to warm things up. 

    Florals will continue to bloom into fall so make your updates for the cooler weather by sticking with fall silhouettes, colors, and accessories. 



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  • The Perfect Shoes for the Perfect Dress

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    So, you've found the perfect dress for an upcoming event. Only now you don't know which shoes will go with it. I know this struggle all too well. Next time you find yourself in this position, consider these few things:


    The style of shoe that you choose must account for the time of season and weather. There's nothing worse than seeing someone trying to rock a heeled over the knee boot in mid-summer (I've seen it!) Conversely, winter weather is not the most suitable for peep toe shoes. The more formal occasion doesn't necessarily always call for a higher heel although it may be easier to get away with. 


    The color of your dress and accessories is pretty central to choosing the right shoe for your dress. If your dress is a solid color, you have a lot of leeway in the shoe department! Embellished, bejeweled, strapped, printed, pom-pomed, you name it. If the reverse is true and your dress is more of the statement maker, maybe it's multi-colored or animal print, your best bet is a solid colored shoe. The reason being that if both items are too 'loud' they can easily clash. Choose a color that accents one of the colors already in your dress. It's also important to consider the color of your other accessories, try matching them to your shoe color or to a different color in the dress that you want to play up. 


    The height of your shoe is something to think about if you want to create the illusion that you're shorter or taller. For example, if your date towers over you, you can afford to wear a taller heel. If they're on the shorter side, you may feel more comfortable in a pair of fancy flats or kitten heels. 


    Comfort is one of those checklist items that blend into all the others. But the number one rule to remember here is that if you have difficulty walking in heels, don't expect that slipping a pair on just a few minutes before you're supposed to wear them is a good idea. Break them in after you buy them! The night of is for bringing band-aids, a small amount of vaseline, and a pair of jelly flats, if you want to be ultra prepared. 

    Next time you've found the perfect dress, know that the perfect pair of shoes is right around the corner with these four things in mind! 

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  • How to Accessorize your Little Black Dress

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    The little black dress is a staple in every woman's wardrobe. By learning to accessorize your LBD properly you can make it look brand new every time you wear it.

    As a reference point, I'm going to show you a few ways to do this using the Historic New York Mediterranean Sea Dress:

    1. Add a statement necklace 

    Refreshing your LBD could be as simple as adding an eye-catching necklace. Shorter necklaces will keep the focus on your face whereas longer necklaces will draw more attention to the silhouette of the dress. Layering necklaces are great if you want to add texture and drama. For something that will stand out, go with bolder colors and/or chunky stones. 

    2. Add some earrings.

    For a black dress, I think hoop earrings look incredible, especially silver. Otherwise, opt for something fun like a colorful pom pom or bonbon earring. Even tassel earrings are a great choice! The longer the earrings the more eyes on your LBD, if you're going for earrings with gems make sure they're on the smaller side so your ears aren't weighed down. 

    3. Belt it.

    The option of a belt is great for any LBD because it accentuates the waist even more. For this particular little black dress, I would suggest a thinner belt in black or even metallic. Other dresses may call a thicker belt, maybe even a trendy corset belt. The key is to emphasize those curves so pay attention to where the smallest part of your waist is and belt it there!

    4. Put on a pair of tights. 

    Wearing tights with your LBD won't just update it but it'll keep you warm in those cooler temperatures. If you want to keep things simple, go for blacks tights with some lace detail to make things pop a little. If you want to experiment with patterns or colors, your best bet is to stick with darker colors (think navy blue or a deep purple) and smaller prints. Remember, you still want the look to be cohesive. 

    So there you have it! Four ways to update your favorite little black dress with accessories you already own at home. And guaranteed to make people think you're wearing something different each and every time. 

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