• 5 Essential Packing Tips for Your Next Vacation

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    The sun is out and the beaches warm enough to relax on - summertime is prime vacation time and it is a great season for fashionistas.  Before going to your summer vacation destination, you may try on all of your old summer clothes, go on a shopping spree for new outfits, and stock up on the cutest accessories to don on the beach.  When you get home to pack, the big question at hand is, “How am I going to fit all of this in one bag?!”  Packing a bag for vacation without over packing and getting stuck with a bunch of checked bag fees is a true artform.  Follow these tips to pack the most with less.

    Don’t overpack

    Taking your entire wardrobe would be amazing, except for the fact that you’d have a hard time deciding between all of the choices.  There’s also the fees associated with overweight bags.  So how do you not overpack?  You need to curate the clothes that you pack.  Start by putting everything that you want to take all on one surface, like your bed.  Next, create a “Yes” and “No” pile.  The yes section will go with you, and the no pile will remain at home for you to wear another day.  

    Plan your outfits

    Once you’ve curated the clothes and items that you will be packing for your vacation, you can go a step further by planning your outfits.  Think of all of the events you will attend and attractions that you will visit, and plan accordingly.  Also plan the number of possible outfits based on how many days you will be gone, the types of events that you will attend, the weather forecast, and whether you will be able to wash your clothes or not.  For example, let’s say you are going to the beach a few times, to an opera, out to eat, and exploring the city.  You’ll want to pack swimsuits, a nice dress and shoes, a few pairs of shorts, and a few tank tops/summer shirts.  You could pack one outfit for every planned event, or you could take tips from the next point:

    Maximize use of pieces that you pack 

    Pack pieces that you can reuse in different outfits!  You could pack a crop top that pairs well with a beautiful skirt to attend the opera, and wear it with shorts while exploring the boardwalk on another day.  The shoes that you wear to the opera could also be worn to a happy hour at a famous local restaurant.  By packing pieces that you can wear more than once, you automatically cut down on the number of items that you take on your trip.  A perfect Historic New York dress that is versatile and can be worn to multiple events is the Historic New York Wave in Ocean Dress.  It is nice enough to wear to formal events, yet it is fun with the color splash of fringe on the front and around the hemline.   


    How you fold your clothes matters a lot.  If you pack last minute and just throw your clothes in a bag without organizing it, you will not make the most of the space in the bag.  There are several popular ways to fold clothes for a suitcase.  One main way is by rolling the clothes.  For pants, fold them so that the legs lie flat on top of each other.  Next, fold them in half at the knee are.  Last, roll them up like you would roll a sushi roll.  Tuck it nicely in your suitcase, and fold and roll the rest of your clothes in the same manner.  This is one great way to fold your clothes in order to make the most of the space within your suitcase.

    Wear some of your wardrobe

    Save some space in your luggage by wearing one or two of the pieces you want to take on your trip.  A light jacket that you plan to wear a few times during your trip would be great to wear on the plane.  Also, a pair of comfortable jeans would make great flight attire.

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  • 4 Habits of Highly Successful Women

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    At Historic New York, we root for successful women worldwide.  If you're wondering what the secret is behind every successful woman, these tips will point you in the right direction.

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  • The Orthodox Collection in Full Bloom

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    With the fist day of summer fast-approaching, why not review even more of my top warm weather dresses? This time, from the Orthodox collection

    The word "orthodox" refers to something that is normal or usual. Now, don't let this mislead you when shopping the collection because it is anything but ordinary. 

    My absolute favorite piece from this collection is the La Rose Leaf Dress. This dress is hard not to fall in love with; not only because my middle name is Rose and I'm partial to the graphic, but because of it's design!

    Historic New York Orthodox Collection Intricate Floral Dress

    The dress features three black embroidered roses; one large one on the right side of the chest and two smaller ones at the bottom on both sides. Combine this with green piping around the neckline, hem and sleeves, and it gives you the most beautiful garden-like detail. It's amazing what a pop of color can do! All of this is contrast with the white color of the dress made from nylon and viscose. This blend of fabrics produce a nice, fitted shape while remaining comfortable and breathable. 

    A close second for me is the Intricate Floral Dress. What is so eye-catching about this dress are the colors; it comes in green with black and blue with orange. You can't go wrong with either (or both!) choices because the color combinations are out of this world. The jacquard pattern and embroidery featured on the dress is only highlighted by the color pairings. Perfect for a barbecue, date night, or casual Friday at the office, this piece is an absolute staple for Spring/Summer 2017!

     Historic New York Orthodox Collection Intricate Floral Dress

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  • Color, Comfort and Style: Lalibela Collection Review

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    What makes the Historic New York Lalibela Collection so unique? The assortment of bohemian and crocheted dresses, many featuring tribal patterns and vivid colors, are inspired by Ethiopia and possess little gems worth looking for!

    The Epipaleolithic, Mesolithic and Mesolithic Handkerchief dresses share ivory neck trims, patchwork and 60% cotton/40% acrylic material.The Epipaleolithic and Mesolithic dresses also have a detachable camisole in black! Making these dresses a two-in-one ensemble. These dresses provide a confident pop in color and design. Making any summertime moment one of comfort without sacrificing eye-catching style!

    Historic New York Lalibela Collection

    If you're looking for colors on the cooler, subtle side, then the Plume and Neolithic dresses are just for you! Both possess a sheath design, round neckline and pattern designs.

    The Plume dress has gorgeous printed feathers, leather French folds and a back zipper closure. Design-wise this dress has stunning contrast.

    On the other hand the more neutral Neolithic Heather dress flaunts a wood toggle appliqué, denim embroidery and hidden back zipper with hook-and-eye closure.


    Historic New York Lalibela Collection

    Now, what if you're looking for something more neutral? We have you covered. The Neolithic Heather dress, Paleolithic Denim dress and Paleolithic Denim skirt have darker color schemes with blacks that help create the appearance of a slimmer figure.

    These knee length pieces are all very individual. The Neolithic Heather dress features wood toggle and beads, denim appliques embroidery and back zipper. A very abstract ensemble.

    The Paleolithic dress has elegant Victorian ruffles, cap sleeve, convenient front pockets and back zip closure with French piping design. Black and beautiful, this dress is a perfect example of style in simplicity.

    The Paleolithic Denim skirt A-line denim pencil skirt, Premium knit stretch denim and antique brass zippers. Flared with zipper trails, this skirt really helps define the figure.

    Historic New York Lalibela Collection

    So, what are you waiting for? Head over to the Lalibela Collection to shop these masterpieces and don't forget that our 20% off discount (CODE: HCNY20) continues!

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  • Step into Summer with Historic New York Lalibela Collection

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    Since we've covered some of my faves from the Lefkada collection. I figured this week I would rave about my top two picks from Historic New York's Spring/Summer 2017 Lalibela collection.

    Historic New York Epipaleolithic Dress Lalibela Collection

    Both the Epipaleolithic Dress and the Mesolithic Dress from this bohemian inspired collection feature hand crochet detailing. Think less so the scarf grandma knitted you for your birthday and more high fashion. Both pieces are convertible and come with a detachable slip underneath. And just like that, you can wear it as the cutest beach cover up. 

    Piet MondrianColour blocking is used to break up the knit detail; the Epipaleolithic Dress in particular reminds me of the famous work of artist Piet Mondrian. The perfect twist on a summer classic if you ask me! The ivory bone neck trim on both dresses and the jacquard pattern of the Mesolithic Dress are just some of the details contained in this East African Middle Stone Age inspired collection. 

    The Gademotta Formation in the Main Ethiopian Rift Valley is over 279,000 years old and is known for its rich archaeological sites. Some of the oldest published during this time period in Eastern Africa. So, how do you extract inspiration from such a thing? Well, since this is Historic New York, we thought it only appropriate to give you the Epipaleolithic Dress and the Mesolithic Dress.

    Your summer staples make with modern statement and owing to the beauty of the past, all at Historic New York. 


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