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So, you've found the perfect dress for an upcoming event. Only now you don't know which shoes will go with it. I know this struggle all too well. Next time you find yourself in this position, consider these few things:


The style of shoe that you choose must account for the time of season and weather. There's nothing worse than seeing someone trying to rock a heeled over the knee boot in mid-summer (I've seen it!) Conversely, winter weather is not the most suitable for peep toe shoes. The more formal occasion doesn't necessarily always call for a higher heel although it may be easier to get away with. 


The color of your dress and accessories is pretty central to choosing the right shoe for your dress. If your dress is a solid color, you have a lot of leeway in the shoe department! Embellished, bejeweled, strapped, printed, pom-pomed, you name it. If the reverse is true and your dress is more of the statement maker, maybe it's multi-colored or animal print, your best bet is a solid colored shoe. The reason being that if both items are too 'loud' they can easily clash. Choose a color that accents one of the colors already in your dress. It's also important to consider the color of your other accessories, try matching them to your shoe color or to a different color in the dress that you want to play up. 


The height of your shoe is something to think about if you want to create the illusion that you're shorter or taller. For example, if your date towers over you, you can afford to wear a taller heel. If they're on the shorter side, you may feel more comfortable in a pair of fancy flats or kitten heels. 


Comfort is one of those checklist items that blend into all the others. But the number one rule to remember here is that if you have difficulty walking in heels, don't expect that slipping a pair on just a few minutes before you're supposed to wear them is a good idea. Break them in after you buy them! The night of is for bringing band-aids, a small amount of vaseline, and a pair of jelly flats, if you want to be ultra prepared. 

Next time you've found the perfect dress, know that the perfect pair of shoes is right around the corner with these four things in mind! 


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