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Your clothing is important to you, which means learning how to properly care for your clothing is equally important. With that, here are our Top Five Tips for Dress Care. 

1. Always read the tag for washing instructions. 

You know that little annoying tag on your shirt? It actually contains the instructions to keep your clothes in great shape. Hand wash in cold and lay flat to dry could mean the difference between a garment that fits and one that is too tight. Remember: pieces that require 'special care' usually mean a trip to the dry cleaners. 

2. Wash your darks inside out.

This will keep the color from fading fast because there is less friction between other garments.There's nothing worse than when your little black dress becomes your little charcoal gray dress. 

3. Wash your clothes less.

If your clothes are dirty, wash them, of course. But what about for that one isolated speck of dirt, are you literally going to put your clothing through the ringer to get it out? Try spot washing for marks like this, especially if you've just laundered that garment already. By extending your washing to at least every other wear, you will preserve the color and shape of your clothing.

4. Hang them out to dry. 

Your clothing that is. Not only will it save you money but air-drying is a good method if you want your clothes to stay the same fit. Drying clothes unnecessarily or against washing instructions is a quick way to shrink them. 

5. Buy quality clothing.

The last tip is one that is more proactive. Quality is one of the main differences between fast fashion and designer fashion. Buying quality clothing means that you are less likely to run into problems. Sometimes the price is an indicator but always inspect the garment yourself to ensure that it's made well.  

One thing you can be sure of: You can't go wrong with shopping a quality brand like Historic New York!



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